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Top 7 hidden gems to visit while in Dublin

Dublin’s fair city has many hidden treasures just waiting to be discovered. So, whether you are visiting for the first time or you’re a regular and can’t get enough of this wonderful city, here are our top pick to visit in Dublin. As most of us know you can never trust the weather in Ireland, so we have chosen a selection of indoor and outdoor activities, so even if all the seasons come in one day you’re covered!

While we love the hustle and bustle of the city, sometimes you need to get out in the fresh air and dust the cobwebs off. The Great South Wall walk is one of the nicest in the city and at the end of the 30-minute stroll you will be rewarded with Poolbeg lighthouse. On a clear day you can take in views of Killiney and Dun Laoighre, as well as enjoy views of the boats and ships sailing through Dublin Bay.

Step into Kilmainham Gaol and experience some of Dublin’s history. The gaol opened in 1796 and closed in 1924, after many infamous executions had taken place over the years including the gaol house leaders from several rebellions, most notably the 1916 rising. While the stories heard here are not ones of joy, it’s a great way to immerse and learn about an important time in Irish history.

Dublin is home to many stunning parks and gardens but one of our personal favourites is the Iveagh Gardens. A short walk from the often-crowded Stephen’s Green sits an oasis of tranquillity and peace at the Iveagh Gardens. Over the years the restored and conserved gardens, home to a rosarium, the yew maze and the fountains.  A trip to Dublin’s “Secret Garden” is well worth it.

Discover the compelling history of Dublin, as this charming museum tell the fascinating story of the Irish capital. Learn all about Dublin from famous visits to the city, to the much-loved characters that were born here. With plenty of interesting artefacts and bric-a-brac on display you can immerse yourself in all things that helped to share the city into what it is today.

Hugh Lane Gallery is well worth a visit while in Dublin and you want to pass a few hours. Created by Sir Hugh Lane, his collection was first presented to the Dublin Corporation in 1908. In the years since, the collection has grown significantly with one of the main attractions being Francis Beacon’s studio and archive. Wander around this exception gallery and enjoy the art from many famous Irish artists.

Situated in the grounds of Dublin Castle, this world-famous library is home to over 20,000 manuscripts, miniature paintings and rare books amongst other objects of historical importance. This wonderful library spreads over two floors and has a Japanese roof top garden, so you can spend some time relaxing after visiting the library.

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