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4 Apps You Need For Your Visit to Dublin

Posted on: 2018-06-25 14:26:48
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When you come to visit Dublin, you will find that there is always something to see or do. Whether you are here for a short break or a long one, you’re going to want to maximise your time and fit in as much activity as possible. The Spencer’s prime location in Dublin City Centre will put you in the middle of all the action, giving you easy access to many of the city’s most famous streets and sights. While it is very easy to explore the city with the Spencer as your base, you still don’t want to lose any time by getting lost or trying to figure out where to go next. That’s why we made up a short list of the best apps to download while you’re visiting Dublin, so you’ll be ready to hit the streets as soon as you get here.


1. Google Maps – Free on the App Store and Google Play

This one may seem obvious, but it really packs in so many useful things (that are often overlooked) all into one app. Aside from the fact that Google Maps will simply give you directions to your destination, it will also provide you with the quickest route, information about the different forms of public transportation, and recommendations on the best places to eat, shop, and visit based off of your specific interests.


Starting with directions, Google Maps has got you covered for everything. You can start at The Spencer Hotel and then type in the address or name of your destination, and it will provide you with the quickest route via driving, walking, biking, ride sharing and public transportation. The Spencer Hotel’s great location makes every method of transportation convenient and easy. Google Maps will also automatically update to provide you with an alternative route if you happen to take a wrong turn.


If you select the public transportation tab when looking for directions to your destination, Google Maps will provide you with different recommended routes for how to get there that include all 3 forms of public transportation.

Finally, the Explore tab…

The Explore tab will show you everything that is around you, but more importantly, will also filter out anything that you aren’t looking for. From restaurants, to ATMs, to historical sites, the Explore tab within Google Maps can get as specific or broad as you need it to be. You can make a general search such as “Brunch” and it will show you every place that falls into this criteria within a certain radius of you, or you can be as specific as “Pubs with cheap drinks, live music, and food” and it will narrow your results.


In addition to all of this, Google Maps also has little features that can come in handy. If you can’t get online with your phone, Google Maps will still act as a map for you in offline mode. With location sharing, Google maps will allow you to see where your friends and family all are, which is super helpful in case someone gets separated, or for when everyone is trying to meet up.

The Spencer Hotel is right in the midst of Dublin’s main hub of activity. With so many options around you for where to go, where to eat, and what to see, Google Maps will help narrow it all down to what’s best for your needs. This app will definitely act as a staple for you during your visit.


2. BleeperBike – Free to download on the App Store and Google Play

Travelling around Dublin, you will notice that a lot of people ride bikes. Cycling is a really popular way for people to get around the city, and while there are many companies you can rent from, BleeperBike is an app that will make renting a bike during your trip as quick and easy as possible. When you download the app, you will see a map that features all the bikes that are in the system, as well as all the places you can dock the bike once you unlock it for a ride.

What makes BleeperBike different than Dublinbikes?

While the concept of unlocking the bike and paying as you go is the same, the way the bikes are docked for the two systems is different. With Dublinbikes, there are only a handful of places where you can dock your bike. With BleeperBike, the designated docking spaces are located far more frequently throughout the city, making each journey easier for you. Instead of biking to the nearest loading dock and walking the rest of the way to your destination, BleeperBike will allow you to lock up your bike as close as possible. There are a couple of docking spots right next to The Spencer Hotel, so after a day of exploring the city you can easily park your bike outside our doors. Then all you have to do is hop off and head into East Restaurant or The Spencer Cocktail Bar for some delicious food and drink to relax.

From the BleeperBike website, the price options and descriptions are as follows:

Pay As You Go: €0.80*

For a top-up of just €4.00 you can enjoy 5 rides - that's just 80cent per ride! Ideal for the occasional rider. A ride is 60 minutes in duration. 
*€0.80 introductory rate valid until Sept 2018 - standard rate €1.00 thereafter.

1 Day Pass: €8.00

As the name suggests, the day pass gives you up to 19 hours of access to BleeperBikes in a 24 hour period. Ideal for day trippers and tourists. Price valid from April 2018.

1 Month Membership: €10.00

Avail of 4 rides of up to 60minutes every day for 30 days! The best value plan for short term users or people who just want to try out our service! Price valid from June 2018

3 Month Membership: €20.00

Our 3 month membership plan is great value! Avail of 4 rides of up to 60minutes every day for 90 days. Perfect for students and seasonal riders. Price valid from April 2018.

Annual Membership: €75.00

Annual membership gives you 4 rides of up to 60minutes, 365 days per year! The ultimate commuter solution! Price valid from April 2018.


3. My Taxi – Free on the App Store and Google Play

No one likes being left without a ride, and this app will make sure you never are. Similar to Uber, the MyTaxi app allows you to set a pick-up time, location and give you real time updates as to when it will arrive. With in-app payment, you will never have to worry about not having enough cash with you, or forgetting your card. If you had a really great ride with a certain driver, you can even mark them as your top driver for the next time you request a ride. Whether you are trying to get from one side of the city to the other, or exploring Dublin’s night life, you will never be left scrambling for a cab, or finding yourself halfway to your destination and realizing you don’t have any cash to pay the driver.

4. Dublin Walls – Free on the App Store

This app is perfect for history lovers. With Dublin Walls, you will be able to take a peek into what the city looked like 500 years prior. The apps graphics, videos and animations will allow you to explore ancient landmarks and see the sites as they existed originally. Interactive and easy to use, Dublin Walls is great for everyone to learn more about Dublin and fun for kids to use too. The Spencer’s prime location in Dublin City Centre will ensure that there won’t be any time wasted waiting to get started discovering the city’s rich history.

With The Spencer Hotel as your base during your trip here in Dublin, you will be right in the middle of all the action. With a Dublin Bus stop and Luas stop, the tram system that runs throughout the city, right outside our doors, you won’t want to wait to start exploring. So check in, download these apps, and begin your adventure!