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Going Green

The Spencer Hotel is proud to actively take part in preserving the environment. In an effort of sustainability of the hotel, we like to reduce, reuse, and recycle.

What are we doing to be green?

  • ·         Recycling and Waste Management


We are proud to recycle over 50% of our overall waste and use only chemical-free cleaning products to ensure an environmentally friendly atmosphere.

  • ·         Water and Energy Conservation


With regular practices such as daylight dimming controls and LED Lighting. We have focused our efforts on being more conscientious of the overall energy usage throughout the hotel. 

Our kitchen staff are all trained in the conservation of water, such as only using dishwashers and washing machines when there are full loads. As well as this, all of our equipment has measures and we ensure leaks are fixed speedily. This makes sure there is no unnecessary use of water throughout the hotel.

We have already taken major steps towards being green and we hope to keep improving our practices as we go on.